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Magic Carpet Glide – In The Media

Segway tours glide into Tampa

Geoff Karlavage had no idea what he’d do when he moved here from Harrisburg, Pa., at age 25. He just knew he liked the warm weather, and he had a buddy who said he could crash on his couch.

Seven years later, here he is, one of the city’s biggest fans and a tourism industry pioneer of modern times. He’s convinced 18 of his friends from up North to come down and visit the sunshine over the years. Some became Tampa residents like him.

“The girls always went back,” he said. “A lot of the guys stayed, though.”

If you haven’t seen 32-year-old Karlavage yet, you will soon enough.

Who’s that guy wheeling over Platt Street Bridge at sunset or gliding past million-dollar…MORE

Gliding Along A New Path After Job Loss

TAMPA – Geoff Karlavage’s plane had just touched down in Las Vegas in August 2007 when he learned that the mortgage lender he worked for was shutting down.

“I read it in an e-mail message on my BlackBerry and was just stunned,” he said.

After drowning his sorrows Vegas-style, Karlavage returned to Tampa and worked hard to find a job.

“At every job fair I went to, you could tell the employers were thinking, ‘Not another mortgage guy,'” he said. “There were so many people…MORE

One Tank Trip: Segway tour

In this week’s One Tank Trip, Dave Osterberg shows you how to enjoy a tour of Tampa and the new riverwalk–Segway style…MORE

Jeter’s Davis Islands home becomes tourist attraction

A new waterfront mansion on Davis Islands? Yawn.

Another professional athlete moving into the area? No big deal.

But when the home is a 30,875-square-foot concrete monster and the owner is Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, well, now you have a tourist attraction.

“Everybody’s watching it,” said Angelica Perez, who cleans homes in the area. “Everybody’s talking about it. It’s like a whole building for one guy.”

Every day, a caravan of onlookers drive past the work site, slowing to see workers hammer away on the giant concrete shell…MORE